Our Privacy Center provides a transparent overview of our policy on privacy and security. You will also find additional relevant legal documents when using our services, such as our Terms of Use and Cookie Statement.

As the name suggests, CompanySpotter's focus is on companies and company data. However, there is the possibility that we process data that may also qualify as personal data. As a result, we respect the rights that data subjects have with respect to their data and maintain high standards of privacy and security. Even in situations where this would not necessarily be required.

Privacy by design

Since the very beginning, we have made both technical and organizational choices that enforce the careful handling of personal data. As a result, the development of our services has had (and continues to have) a strong focus on privacy. Thus, privacy by design. An important part of privacy by design is data minimization. In the design choices of CompanySpotter we have therefore decided not to process more personal data than strictly necessary for realizing our legitimate goals. In addition to this, issues such as security and retention periods are consciously taken into account, and all necessary and relevant work processes regarding these topics have been incorporated into internal operating models.

Privacy by default

All default settings of CompanySpotter are always as privacy-friendly as possible. This ensures that any personal data is never publicly visible by default. We limit ourselves to company data, focus on data that is already public at all ánd we ensure that all those involved are informed about the processing in advance, whereby we have made it extremely easy to limit or end the processing.

Justification and explanation

All choices, justifications and associated binding agreements have been incorporated into various documents that are posted here. Completely transparent and understandable for everyone. Nevertheless, should there be any questions, they can always be submitted via: [email protected].